Reinventing school with 120 principals and teachers in Austria

“How can we use design thinking to change schools from within?” This was the topic of a collective maxi-workshop that brought together 120 principals, teachers and education innovators in Vienna […]


Danzar emociones

Mariona Casany es psicóloga, experta en Educación Emocional y profesora de danza. Combina su trabajo como profesora en una escuela de danza con varios programas de Educación Emocional en universidades, […]


Detrás de la innovación hay algo más que nuevas metodologías

Detrás de la innovación hay algo más que nuevas metodologías. Los profesores innovadores conocen a sus alumnos Jordi Pardo Carazo Pedagogo experto en Innovación educativa. Hace más de 10 años […]


Abi’s story – How the school has had an amazing impact in her life!

I had the pleasure to meet Abilesha Murthy one year and a half ago when I moved to Ahmedabad to teach at The Riverside School. At that moment she was […]


Get to know a teacher from Riverside School!

Niall Walsh worked at The Riverside School (Ahmedabad, India) for more than three years. He had an amazing positive impact at the school, developing new and very interesting projects. […]


Creative project week at Oak House School

The project week at Oak House School was a big success: 90 pupils from 5th, 6th and 7th grade, supported by three teachers and two Creator Street facilitators, created their […]


Every kid a maker?!

Recently, I visited a makers’ festival in Barcelona, WeMake. There were some really inspiring things, especially some nice activities for children like this “bionic hand” workshop that my kids […]


Magic and limitations of creative learning apps – the case of Osmo

Osmo by tangible play is an impressive “product system”: through a camera mirror and a plastic stand, it allows to interact with physical elements; it comes with 5 different apps […]


The “challenge” of having a “exceptionally gifted” child, what can parents and schools do about it?

Today I met with a good friend and mother of two primary schoolers, a girl and a boy. She described to me vividly the challenges you face when you have […]


A creativity school, what for?

The need to preserve and nurture children’s natural curiosity, imagination and creativity is high on the agendas of education innovation. Education “Gurus” talk about it (like Ken Robinson in […]

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